“BREAKTHRU: No more Nasty tasting Energy Drinks for You...”

Let me give you More stamina and More Endurance. You are the active Health Conscious Adult 


“You’re About To taste A Secret That Most People Will Never Know ...


Give us a chance to have you sample this energy drink and you will be forever grateful.

-        Marcus Simmons        



Dear health-conscious friend,


Excuse my frankness, but …


How OLD are you?


I don’t mean your age; I mean how old do you feel?


Because the truth is, you may be in your 40’s … 50’s … or 60’s – but if you’re

experiencing chronic fatigue or insufficient energy to perform the things you enjoy,


… You may feel 10 … 20 … even 30 years older than what your driver’s license



Believe it or not, one out of every 3 Americans suffers from illnesses most people chalk

up to as "old age".


My name is Marcus Simmons, and the first thing you should know about me is … I am not a doctor. I am not an expert on nutrition.

I did go to college, but it was for mechanical engineering, so I could be better at building specially vehicles.


Listen, not long ago I ate only the food that I liked. Most of it was not good for me, but they tasted good, so I ate it.

I’m 6 feet tall and my weight was up to 226 pounds. Then one day, after returning from vacation, my mouth felt like it was full of cotton, I was real thirsty all the time and I was urinating frequently.


I went to my doctor only to discover I had diabetes. Now I have to watch my sugar. Imagine that, no more Mountain Dew, mo more 4 spoons of sugar in my tea, no more 3 spoons of sugar on my cereal, etc. My research indicates that sugar substitutes are man made and the body has a difficult time braking down these compounds. So I started my search for a natural replacement.


I am now well on the road to healthiness. My weight is down to 175.

How did I accomplish this? I stopped eating so much. I exercise every day. I found natural substitutes for my diet. I turn down deserts most of the time. And, I started to eat more vegetables, well not all of them yet.


One thing that makes a big difference is energy drinks. I notices that XS™ Energy Drink – Citrus Blast can replace Mountain Dew, while removing most if not all sugar, carbohydrates and caffeine.


Now, you don’t have to get diabetes to find a great tasting energy drink to be fulfilled. Just try what I found. And you will see what I mean.




What are the most important attributes you desire in an healthy energy drink?


We have, for you, an energy drink with mo sugar, no or little carbohydrates and no or little caffeine, but it does have great taste.

XSฎ Energy Drink

XSฎ Healthy Energy Drinks


When you request the worlds finest energy drink you'll discover an amazing array of flavors like...


  • • XS™ Energy Drink – Cranberry Grape Blast
  • • XSฎ Energy Drink – Wild Berry Blast
  • • XS™ Energy Drink – Citrus Blast

    • XS™ Energy Drink – Tropical Blast
  • • XS™ Energy Drink - Black Cherry Cola Blast

    • XS™ Energy Drink – Root beer Blast

    • XS™ Energy Drink – Cherry Blast

    • XS™ Energy Drink – Electric Lemon Blast 
  • • And many more sent straight to your doorstep...

 For a sample list of ingredients go to the ingredients page .



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